halo 4

Early 2011, I received an email from one of my idols, Nicolas Bouvier (a.k.a Sparth), inviting me to an interview for a concept artist position at a new subsidiary of Microsoft known as 343 Industries.  While the HALO universe had been around for years before us, 343i was asked to generate HALO 4 as it also built a brand new studio from scratch. The concept art team had the task of generating a new visual language while still keeping classic “HALO” cues.  Over the course of the next two years, through working with such an exceptional squad of mend and women I really improved. I utilized and improved on virtually every aspect of my formal industrial design education as I employed it designing weapons, props, environments and ultimately a whole level. It was one of the greatest challenges in my career up to then. And rising to the ridiculously high standards Kenneth and Nicolas exemplified, we all strove to enrich our content the best it could.

Executive Producer: Kiki Wolfkill
Art Director: Kenneth Scott
Lead Concept Artist: Nicolas Bouvier