Junglebook was an opportunity I could not pass up. It was a difficult but necessary decision to leave my wonderful home and friends at in Seattle to go to Los Angeles to join an exceptional crew of talented illustrators and craftsman. I was brought on to the project to help generate full color schematics, sketches and some key frame illustrations to help support VFX since the movie would be shot on green screen a lot.  It was so much fun designing Mowgli’s hut and his other improvised supplies, which I came to call “Mowgli Tech.” The story called for his tools to be imbued with a playful yet utilitarian function, as these were objects made to do a job by and for a child. With regards to the key frame illustrations, the narrative drove the design of the images as it was about the key mood found in the text.

Director: John Favreau
Production Designer: Christopher Glass
Supervising Art Director: Andrew Jones